our mission.

Everyone deserves a chance to share their talent with the world, but most of the time the doors close before they ever get a chance.

The Starving Artist, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 that’s mission is to offer artists of all walks of life the opportunity to get their talent into the right hands so that their works can be appreciated and enjoyed .

Everyone knows the process of “making it” is the hardest part of the business and The Starving Artist, Inc. is dedicated to walking with each artist through the process, from the very beginning until they are blinded by the bright lights.

Through talent buying, booking, artist relations, promotions, producing and publishing, The Starving Artist, Inc. covers all bases so that each artist is fully supported from the ground up.

Funding for these processes will come from financial, time and talent donations so that each individual artist never has to worry about the financial obstacles that stall or halt the process.

It’s time for artists to focus on their talent and let The Starving Artist, Inc. worry about everything else.

YOU can join us by volunteering to help us through tax deductible donations and watch each STARVING ARTIST get his next chance at success.




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